My headshot session is designed to create a marketing tool that will capture your viewer’s attention.  
I am not just shooting images – I am creating headshots like personal advertisements which make the 
emotional connections with your target audience. Eye catching, spectacular, bold and beautiful – the 
end result awakens the curiosity and expands the vision of the observer. I create headshots that 
portray confidence with approachability to help you build your personal brand.


HeadshotPro™ Session

HeadshotPro™ was developed for people who are serious about marketing themselves for success. Actors, executives,
entrepreneurs, entertainers, models and others who are in need of carefully crafted headshots that set them apart
from the competition. I shoot 5-6 different looks during a HeadshotPro™ session. I like to give everyone a wide range
of looks so that you are able to use multiple shots for different marketing purposes and media (print, website,
social media etc.). I don’t put a strict limit on the length of the session or the number of images I take. Usually a
session takes about two hours and I shoot around 300 images. My camera is directly connected to the computer in my studio
– we will evaluate every shot on my monitor to determine its potential use or not. I'm a big fan of the delete button - I
want your shoot saturated with amazing images, so I have no problem dismissing a lot of shots in order to find the ones
that guarantee your success. In the end we will end up with 50-70 great images approved by you to keep.

I like to shoot in a horizontal format (it has a more natural feel to it because our eyes are made for horizontal viewing and
it gives the headshot a more cinematic look). If you feel you need vertical shots or 3/4 shots during your session just
let me know and I'd be happy to shoot them for you as well. I also shoot square formats with a special light setup for
advertising and use with social media sites. During the session we will work together as a team – I will coach and direct
you in order to get the best expressions from you – you will give me feedback during the evaluation and editing process
in the studio. In case we need to make adjustments in order to meet your specific vision we can do this while we shoot
- which guarantees that we produce images that are exactly what you need and like.

I will transfer all approved images to you within 24 hours. You (we) will pick one image per look to be fully retouched by me.


I will retouch one image from every look we shot. You will have 5-6 fully retouched images that are print ready. Even though
I apply my full magazine style retouch process to each of the images – the changes are so subtle that you will look completely
natural yet amazing.


Please bring a variety of tops that you really like (10 – 15 looks). Choose tops with different necklines, textures and colors.
Don’t be seasonal – bring everything from tank tops to sweaters. I love textures and layers, but would generally stay away from
crazy patterns. Remember, be yourself in regards to the looks you are bringing because this is where you can get some of your own
personal style into the shot.

Hair and Makeup

Makeup is an important part of the shoot for women. If you are not a 100% comfortable to apply your own makeup for a photo shoot I would
recommend taking advantage of my amazingly skilled makeup artist.The makeup artist will be present throughout the session in order to give
you a subtle range of looks. Initial makeup takes about 45 minutes – this will be done before we start our 2 hour photo session. We ask that
everyone comes in with their hair ready as if they are going to an audition/go see/work. We want your hair in your headshot to match the
way you will look in person.


Full HeadshotPro™ Session:
My full HeadshotPro™ session rate is $475 (A $250 deposit is required to book the session). Includes 5-6 fully retouched
images from the session.

Condensed HeadshotPro™ Session:
My condensed HeadshotPro™ session rate is $350 (A $200 deposit is required to book the session.). Includes 2-3 fully retouched
images from the session.This is a one hour intensive session for people looking to get not more than 2-3 looks. This is perfect for
actors/models who want to quickly update their existing headshots or for busy executives who don’t need the wide range of different
looks. If you think you need more coaching time in front of the camera to produce extraordinary images please book the full session.

Kids Session:
My kids session rate is $300 (A $200 deposit is required to book the session.). Includes 3-4 fully retouched images from the session.
This session will take about an hour and I am usually able to shoot 3-4 looks during the session.

My Makeup artist’s rate upon request

Contact Oliver with any questions that you may have concerning your photography needs.
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I look forward to hearing from you!



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Oliver Klink is a Boston based commercial photographer specializing in headshot, people, advertising and fashion/beauty photography
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